Katy ISD assistant principal and parent honored for community service

Two local Katy citizens were given honorary hourglasses today by intelliVOL, makers of x2VOL. Assistant Principal Romulo “Rom” Crespo from Morton Ranch High School and Jeanmarie Mayfield, who volunteers at Seven Lakes High School, were recognized with a special award for their efforts to develop community service programs at their respective schools.

Mr. Crespo received the x2VOL Community Engagement Award for his efforts to connect local non-profit organizations with student volunteers. Since August 2012, over 90 organizations have connected with students through x2VOL’s community service management system, where students can locate volunteering opportunities.

Jeanmarie Mayfield is a parent of two Seven Lakes High School students, a graduate and a senior. Ms. Mayfield received the x2VOL Student Volunteer Engagement Award for her role as the membership coordinator for Spartans Out Serving, a club with over 1,600 active student members who generate over 35,000 hours of community service each year.

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