Ablenet develops special ed packages that target stimulus funds

Schools looking for a way to take full advantage of Federal stimulus resources may find help from AbleNet—the company has announced the development of special education packages that will help schools fully leverage the availability of stimulus funds. The packages are bundled to meet specific stimulus categories as well as state standards and IEP goals, and help administrators evaluate the different solutions they could adopt with stimulus funds. “State-of-the-Art assistive technology,” especially as it relates to special education, is a key focus of the Federal stimulus programs and the AbleNet package allows students to engage with curriculum and software tools through its range of switches, mounting systems and communication devices that help students interact with classmates and their classroom environment. The classroom-ready packages are made to meet the varying needs of special education students and include:

· State-of-the-Art Assistive Technology Solutions
· Curricular Programs
· Software

A full description of the stimulus packages can be found at