African students eager to learn with laptops

Emerald Data Solutions™ has launched Computers for African Learners with a donation of laptops and educational software to Kenya's Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust (MWCT). Computers for African Learners, founded by Emerald Data Solutions' President Ari Ioannides, was created to improve student education in Africa and increase opportunities to achieve a better life.

"The goal of our partnership with Emerald Data Solutions is to provide Maasai students with advanced knowledge, precisely to enable them to protect their wilderness, wildlife and cultural heritages," said MWCT founder Luca Belpietro. "While we aim to improve education in the MWCT villages, we also recognize that we are working with an iconic tribe, extremely proud of its heritage and adamant not to lose it. The students are looking forward to the computers' arrival, and the teachers are working hard on their computer training."

The laptops will be pre-loaded with education software, including the Encyclopaedia Britannica 2009 Ultimate Reference Suite - Student and Home Edition; and Reading Assistant™.

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