Today's Newsletter: Perspectives on Today's Global Headlines

T&L Advisor Guest post — Steven M. Baule, Ed.D, Ph.D. Superintendent of North Boone CUSD 200, IL: In education, we often are told that perspective is important and that someone's perception is his or her reality. We can see how this is playing out in violence in Ferguson, Missouri, the Ebola breakout in west Africa or in the executions of the Yadizi people by ISIS. One way to hear multiple perspectives on these and other news stories is to look for resources that provide varied points of view. Some of the best news sources I have found include The Guardian, Spiegel Online, a German news magazine that also has an English language version and, closer to home, The Globe and Mail is an excellent source for the Canadian perspective on the news. The Daily Nation is a Kenyan paper focused on east African and international news. Inkdrop provides a great list of online English language news sources from around the world. is the reverse; it is an American news agency with a central Asian, Russian, and Turkish focus. All of these sources can help provide much-needed multiple perspectives for both professional educators and their students.