Learning Bird Releases Version 3.0

Learning Bird announced today it has released a new 3.0 version featuring enhanced homepages, including the debut of a “Popular Lessons” section that showcases lessons users have rated positively. Learning Bird is a web-based resource that crowd-sources digital lessons made by real teachers and aligns them to their local curriculum, grade level and textbooks.

The new version will allow teachers to upload lessons and view their stats directly from their personal Learning Bird homepage. This view also shows a teacher’s most recently uploaded lessons along with statistics for views/likes for all lessons.

A redesigned homepage will give studentsthe ability to work on a wider variety of screen sizes, and allow them to view a list of all lessons they have watched and found helpful.

Parentsare now able to add their children directly from their homepage. In addition, they can view their children’s most recent activity, along with a summary of their lesson views and likes to date.

For more information, visit www.learningbird.com.