Today's Newsletter: Social Media Dysfunction—Blame it on the Teachers

Last Friday’s leadership luncheon at Tech&Learning’s New York Tech Forum (#tltf14) was even more provocative than usual. Conversation centered around the use of social media in schools and the importance of everyone, not just students, understanding the importance of a digital footprint. Recent headline prove the point: The New York Times details the unsavory details of improper teacher/student relationships that started online. The Hartford Courant reports on the recent firing of E.O. Smith High School’s soccer coach. And a N.J. teacher was just suspended for making inappropriate comments on Facebook. As disheartening as these stories are, it is important to not blame the tech but instead the imbeciles that misuse it. In fact, social media can be credited for bringing them out in the open to leave digital evidence. —Kevin Hogan, Content Director