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Texas, Here We Come!

Texas, Here We Come!

Heading to Tech Forum Texas this Friday? The folks at Tech & Learning always put on a great event, and here are a few things I’m looking forward to this year:

  • Sessions: I’m on a panel about rethinking learning spaces and running an “interactive learning challenge,” which should be engaging and…well….interactive (it’s not just a clever title). However, I’m trying to figure out how to clone myself so I can see the “Learning by Making” session by Randy Rodgers and Stuart Burt or the “Nurturing Passion, Wonder and Voice” panel that features several teacher rock-stars. While I can’t clone myself, I will have the #TLTF14 hashtag saved so I can go back and “view” those sessions virtually later. It really fosters a culture of…
  • Continual Collaboration: Along with following the discussion within the hashtag, Tech Forums also have sessions live streamed for those who can’t make it physically to the event or for those like me that want to go back and see what we missed. I regularly revisit their archive for resources and for…
  • Inspiration: I always come away from a Tech Forum event with some inspiration. This will be the first time I’ve seen keynote speaker Alec Couros live and I’m excited about what he’ll be sharing with us to kick off the day!

Carl Hooker is the Director of Instructional Technology at Eanes Independent School District, TX.