Washington D.C. K-12 School District Selects Follett’s Aspen Student Information System

District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS) has selected Follett and its Aspen solution. Follett’s Aspen SIS will help the 47,000-student district capture, report, manage and analyze its student data, support enrollment, scheduling and behavior, and help track student attendance and prevent truancy.

Comprised of 111 elementary and secondary schools and learning centers located in Washington, D.C., DCPS introduced Aspen into its elementary schools this year and plans to implement the solution district wide this summer.

District officials embarked on a rigorous search for a new system more than a year ago. Key factors in selecting a new SIS included how it performed out of the box, its customizability to meet the district’s ever-evolving policies, and the system’s flexibility.

The adoption of Aspen extends the long-term relationship between DCPS and Follett, as the district has used Follett’s Destiny Library Manager for more than eight years.