Interactive Projectors Bring Excitement to Nauset Public Schools

Nauset Public Schools in Nauset, Massachusetts has chosen Hitachi CP-TW2503 interactive projectors to bridge the gap from old to new education technology.

A variety of interactive projectors and whiteboards have been installed in the Nauset Public Schools over the past three years. More than 50 Hitachi CP-TW2503 interactive projectors were installed in the summer of 2014.

Student feedback on the new technology has been positive. “The kids love it. They are always excited to use the interactive projectors,” explained Barbara Lavoine, Director of Technology for Nauset Public Schools. “In fact, we have found that the students often want to keep using the interactive projectors over playing outside.”

The teachers have also had a positive response to the interactive projectors. “The faculty continually asks, ‘When can I get an interactive projector?’ We have been working hard and most of our schools are pretty well-equipped with this technology,” Mrs. Lavoine concluded.