It's Time to Prepare For Next Year

TL Advisor Guest post — Henry Thiele, Chief Technology Officer for District 207 in Park Ridge, IL: For classroom teachers, this is the time of year when they hit their stride. They better understand their students and have discovered new ways to push them further academically. They laid the groundwork during the first half of the year and prepared for the growth curve at the end. The administrative calendar is different--we are just beginning to enter a part of the year that is as uncertain as the future host of the Daily Show. We have just started to look at the next school year as budgets are set, staffing needs are determined, and the instructional goals for the next year are put into motion. Now is the time to put great ideas into motion if they are to have any impact on the following school year. Bring your school leaders into your classrooms to showcase innovative teaching strategies. Show them how the great new tool you have been using is making a difference with your kids. Talk to decision–makers about your goals for next year and define what you need to support professional growth opportunities for your school community. Don't wait until May or June––the time to act is now.