Windstream Managed WiFi Solution Now Available to E-Rate Customers

Windstream is now offering its Managed WiFi solution to E-Rate eligible K-12 schools and public libraries.

This new option for E-Rate participants comes on the heels of the E-Rate Modernization Order, recently issued by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC.) The order expands funding for broadband and WiFi solutions, in an effort to close the connectivity gap that many schools and libraries face today. The FCC will be allocating $2 billion over the next two years, allowing E-Rate program participants to install and manage campus-wide WiFi networks. Windstream has packaged its Managed WiFi solution specifically for those taking advantage of E-Rate funding.

“Our Managed WiFi solution creates a secure and reliable network for K-12 schools and libraries as they adapt to the changing technology needs of today’s students,” said Joseph Harding, executive vice president and enterprise chief marketing officer for Windstream.

Managed WiFi is an IP-based solution that enables authorized computers and devices to connect to the Internet and communicate with one another wirelessly within a defined geographic area.

In order to take advantage of E-Rate funding for Managed WiFi and other solutions, schools and libraries must meet the upcoming Form 470 application deadline of February 26, followed shortly after by the Form 471 deadline of March 26. More on Windstream’s solutions for E-Rate applicants can be found online at