Artificial Intelligence Harnessed for Personalized Language Learning

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Ponddy Education Inc. announces Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to tailor learning materials for students studying Chinese.

AI technology is the foundation of the company’s flagship language learning product: Ponddy Chinese Smart Textbooks. Features include: 

[New Personalized Learning Program Uses Writing Analysis, Adaptive Learning Technology]

  • Affinity Knowledge Learning System (AKLS) – This patent pending AI technology curates text into levels and then creates interactive learning modules that can be assembled to create customized curriculum for every student. 
  • Word, Character and Radical Pond – A set of interactive language scaffolding tools that creates a network of associated words, characters and radicals. 
  • Real-Time Analytics & Customized Curriculum – Teachers are able to monitor students’ mastery of skills and compare progress that can inform instruction to further personalize learning.