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Carolina Biological Releases Version 3.0 of Carolina Science Online

Carolina Biological Releases Version 3.0 of Carolina Science Online

Carolina Science Online (CSO), a division of Carolina Biological Supply Company, launched a suite of digital education tools and content to enhance Carolina’s curriculum resources. Teachers and students can access CSO to use digital resources designed to supplement Carolina’s Building Blocks of Science™ 3D, the Smithsonian Institution’s Science and Technology Concepts™ K-8 program, Smithsonian Science for the Classroom, and a number of Carolina’s hands-on high school science teaching kits.

[What’s New: New Tools for Schools]

Teachers and students who adopt the program can now access variety of digital media: Phenomena videos, interactive simulations, interactive eBooks, and formative and summative assessments (scored electronically). In addition, teachers can develop assignments drawing from a variety of CSO resources that can be supplemented by teacher-created materials and content such as PDF documents, Word documents, and images. Score Reports from CSO help teachers identify areas where students struggle and create sub-groups for reteaching and enrichment. Both the Building Blocks and Smithsonian programs offer eBooks with built-in text-to-speech readers, along with accessibility features to support struggling readers and English Language Learners.

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