Catchbox Plus Throwable Microphone Introduced

Catchbox Plus Throwable Microphone Introduced

The throwable microphone Catchbox takes the form of a plush cube that can be tossed around like a beachball or frisbee. Users catch the cube, say their piece, and then lob it to the next person with his or her hand in the air.

The newest product added to the line is the Catchbox Plus, which can be charged wirelessly.

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Key features include:

• Built-in, rechargeable Li-ion battery: Battery never needs replacement. Three-hour charging time empowers 14 hours of use.

• Always-on functionality: Enters sleep mode when charging and automatically activates when picked up for instant functionality.

• Motion detection: Identifies and auto-mutes when product has been thrown, caught or dropped to prevent unwanted noise while in motion.

• Magnetic locking mechanism: Customizable cover keeps inner contents safe and secure.

• Up to 100 m/328 ft. range (line of sight): Clean, uninterrupted signal while allowing ample range of movement.

• Customizable to feature brand’s logo