HughesNet® and 4-H Introduce STEM Lab

HughesNet® and 4-H Introduce STEM Lab

HughesNet and National 4-H Council announce the launch of STEM Lab, a free resource to parents and teachers, STEM Lab is an online hub offering fun, hands-on STEM activities developed by top public universities and 4-H groups to spark kids’ interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

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STEM Lab features easy, hands-on STEM activities organized by age group for youth ages 4 to 16. Projects include easy-to-follow instructions and how long the project will take, an explanation of the foundational concepts at work, discussion questions and a list of necessary supplies, which most often consist of basic household items.

Activities available now include:

  • Can-Can Robot: Introduces kids to mechanical engineering. They learn how parts interact when building a machine as they create a robot that draws on paper
  • Fizzy Foam Fun: Teaches kids how chemical reactions are impacted by a catalyst
  • How Can We Use Wind to Lift a Load: Introduces youth to engineering and wind power as they build and use a windmill to power a pulley system.
  • Newton’s Speedway: Introduces the concepts of force and friction described by Newton. Youth will manipulate how hard a car is pushed and explore how to maximize the pull of gravity.