Lightspeed Systems Announces Threat Check, New School Safety Solution

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Today, Lightspeed Systems announced a new element to its Relay student safety and filtering solution: Threat Check. Threat Check provides schools with information that can help identify high-risk behaviors and prevent school violence, self-harm, bullying, and more.

Through its web filtering solutions, Lightspeed Systems has a large store of data about the typical online activities of K-12 students. This includes web browsing activity; social media interests and posts; online communities to which students belong; searched phrases; minutes spent online; time of day of peak web activity; and more.

Threat Check combines that online activity analysis with other data points: School personnel can flag high-risk students and input offline activity such as violence, threatening speech, or bringing a weapon to school. 

Alerts and reports can be shared with school staff, safety personnel, law enforcement, parents, and others.

Threat Check will be available to all Lightspeed Systems Relay customers in April 2018.



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