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MyScript Unveils New Handwriting-based Calculator App

MyScript Unveils New Handwriting-based Calculator App

MyScript today announces a new calculator app, Calculator 2. Users write the mathematical expression on the device screen with their finger or stylus, and MyScript’s technology converts the symbols and numbers to digital text, delivering the results in real-time.

Solving mathematical equations on digital devices often involves numerous button inputs or remembering a specific entry sequence. By removing this input barrier, the app helps users focus on the problem they’re trying to solve, instead of figuring out how to enter it.

Calculator 2 provides the possibility of continuing an equation entry on multiple lines. Fraction support is included with either fraction or decimal calculation display. Native support for iOS11 features and iPhone X is featured Users can drag and drop within multiple equations or send to an external app.

MyScript Calculator 2 is currently available for iOS on the Apple Store