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NEC Display Solution Announces New F-Series, Q-Series Panels

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NEC Display Solutions of America, Inc. today announced the launch of its new F-Series indoor fine pitch direct view LED (dvLED) and Q-Series indoor and outdoor dvLED panels that offer customers a complete video wall solution. The F- and Q-Series mark the first NEC Display dvLED products to be launched from the company’s acquisition of S[quadrat] earlier this year.

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F-Series features include:

  • Bright, 16:9 aspect ratio dvLED panel with a tight pixel pitch from as low as 1.2mm for indoor use
  • 18-bit color processing and the option to add HDR10 capability
  • Cabinet dimensions match up with a 55” large format display (LFD)
  • Standard redundant power supply and optional redundant scan card 

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Q-Series features include:

  • dvLED panel with a 1:1 aspect ratio panel and a wider pixel pitch starting at 2.84mm 
  • Available in both indoor and outdoor models.

The F- and Q-Series are available starting this month. For additional information and specs, visit NEC Display Solutions.