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Report: Educators Believe Educational Technology Improves Student Achievement

Report: Educators Believe Educational Technology Improves Student Achievement

Educators overwhelmingly believe educational technology is an effective tool for improving student outcomes, according to a new national survey from DreamBox Learning® and PBS. The study, which was conducted by Education Week Research Center, also reveals that educators want more support to effectively use those technology tools.

The survey, which gathered perceptions from a national sample of teachers in grades PreK-8, school-based leaders, and district leaders, confirmed that educational technology plays a major role in classrooms across the country. More than half of respondents said their students use a digital device or technology at least a few times a week, and two out of five respondents said that at least half of all student work is completed digitally. In addition, teachers reported they want more professional development in pedagogy and instructional methods, along with training and support to more effectively use educational technology.

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Early childhood educators showed a greater desire for support with technology than their peers. The survey found that 52 percent of PreK-2 teachers, compared to 45 percent of 3-8 grade teachers, do not feel they have the support they need to effectively use educational technology. Additionally, while 56 percent of teachers in grades 3 through 8 call for more devices, 70 percent of PreK-2 teachers reported a need for more hardware for their students and classrooms.

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