Study: Are We Preparing Kids for Jobs of Tomorrow?

Study: Are We Preparing Kids for Jobs of Tomorrow?

To better understand the struggles teachers face in preparing young people with digital skills, PwC conducted a survey of more than 2,000 K–12 educators.

Results include:

Most teachers aren’t confident teaching higher-level technology skills: Only 10% of K–12 teachers surveyed nationally feel confident incorporating higher-level technology into student learning.

Technology-related courses are not offered to many high school students: At least two out of five high school teachers surveyed report their schools do not offer courses in data analytics (80%), app design/creation (64%), computer programming languages (46%), robotics (42%), or web design/creation (41%).

Students do not spend much time in school actively practicing the higher-level technology skills: More than half, 60%, of classroom technology use is passive (e.g., watching videos, reading websites).

Teachers want more support from their districts: Of the teachers surveyed, 79% of them say they would like to receive more professional development for technology-related subjects.

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The full report can be downloaded here.