Studytracks Introduces Music-Based Educational App to U.S. Schools

Studytracks Introduces Music-Based Educational App to U.S. Schools

Studytracks™, the app that converts everyday school subjects into relatable music content, today launched into the U.S. education market. Already widely used in the United Kingdom and France- and after an extensive beta test with selected California schools, Studytracks is now available for students and educators across the United States. The app is available through Google Play and the App Store with the schools platform available for a free trial through their website.

Studytracks was created by George Hammond-Hagan, an award-winning songwriter and music producer, who wanted to help his son learn physics. Using the "Earworm Effect," Studytracks takes curriculum and puts it to music to drive engagement, retention and achievement in and out of the classroom.

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"One of the biggest things that we saw with Studytracks is the results," said Shawn Duff, teacher at Monrovia High School. "The kids would listen to the songs, the Studytracks, do the self quizzes, and it allowed them to retain a lot more information and it was kind of crazy because they would come in knowing words and concepts before we even got to it, before we even cracked the textbook or started a lecture about it."

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