Wonder Workshop Launches Sketch Kit for Dash and Cue Robots

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Wonder Workshop today announced the availability of Sketch Kit, a new accessory for its Dash and Cue robots. Available now on makewonder.com, Sketch Kit attaches directly to the robots, and comes with six color markers, dozens of drawing missions to challenge kids of all levels, and an optional whiteboard drawing surface. 

Sketch Kit snaps on to the base of Dash and Cue robots, and a connector to the robots’ head enables the manipulation of the markers. By placing the marker tip at the center of the robot's base, it allows for accurate control while moving, turning, and spinning. Sketch Kit enables the robots to pick up and place the pen tip on command.

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Sketch Kit programming capabilities are available as a free update on Wonder Workshop’s Blockly and Wonder apps for Dash, and the Cue app for Cue.

Sketch Kit is now available for $39.99 at makewonder.com and Amazon.