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Every day, tens of thousands of teachers around the world trust SMART's products to create an engaging learning environment. Whether in the kindergarten classroom or the university lecture hall, SMART is there. SMART products have been proven effective in increasing student engagement, motivation and learning, and in helping educators streamline lesson preparation.

SMART Technologies is both the industry pioneer and global market leader in easy-to-use interactive whiteboards and other group collaboration tools. SMART products include the family of award-winning SMART Board interactive whiteboards, as well as interactive pen displays and software. Visit www.smarttech.com for more information.

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AVerMedia Information, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of digital multimedia technology products for the education, government and consumer electronics markets. Focusing on digital video technology, AVerMedia features high-quality and user friendly presentation products for K-12 and Higher Education classrooms. The AVerVision brand of document cameras and visual presenters is specifically designed for digital presentations in the classroom, with offerings ranging from basic entry-level products to advanced visual presentation solutions. Easy-to-use, yet offering extensive and exclusive features and functions with the ability to integrate into the latest classroom technologies, AVerVision Document Cameras and Visual Presenters are a true teachers tool.

eInstruction®, the leading provider of interactive instructional and assessment technology, provides simple solutions that deliver real results. In 1980, eInstruction pioneered the student response market with its Classroom Performance System® (CPS), engaging students and providing educators with instant formative and summative assessments. The INTERWRITEMOBI™ a mobile hand-held interactive whiteboard, supports student-centered, collaborative learning while eI Community™ allows educators to find and share educational resources and discuss best practices online. ExamView® enables seamless integration of publisher questions and content. With an extensive line of products, training and support, eInstruction provides educators with the tools to drive academic achievement every day.

Learning.com, the premier provider of Web-delivered curriculum and assessment, partners with schools across the United States to improve student learning outcomes. Our solutions transform learning experiences through our understanding of the art and science of Web-based teaching and learning.

Network security is controlling what is on your network; and control is all about detecting and resolving any activity that doesn't align with your organization's policies. Built specifically for K12 networks and protecting millions of students nationwide, Lightspeed Systems provides a single admin consol to everything running on your network and control any detected issues. Lightspeed gives control with email archiving, content filtering, spam management, antivirus, extensive reporting, gateway server & desktop security, bandwidth management, & mobile content filtering. Obtain peace of mind with Total Traffic Control with Lightspeed Systems.

For 25 years, Qwizdom has provided educators around the world with its award winning Student Response System, designed to engage and motivate students, while instantly collecting individual and group data. Qwizdom has since evolved into not only delivering sophisticated technology, but also state-standards-aligned curriculum developed in-house by certified teachers, and comprehensive reporting capabilities that give educators an accurate snapshot of student performance. Founded in 1984, Qwizdom has offices in the Seattle area, Cleveland, and the United Kingdom. Please stop by Qwizdom's booth at NECC # 2636 to enter to win a free Q7 Presenter Tablet or for more information visit www.qwizdom.com.

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Lightspeed Technologies exists to make a significant improvement in the listening and learning environment for all children, and to provide teachers with tools that enhance their ability to maintain attention and manage the classroom. Lightspeed is an engineering company specializing in infrared classroom audio technology. These easy-to-use audio systems are designed to deliver optimum speech intelligibility, overcome classroom noise and provide crystal clear sound to all students. And now, all multimedia sound can be routed through the Lightspeed classroom audio system wirelessly with the new IR Media Connector. Hear the new sound of achievement®

At Lumens Integration, we focus solely on educational solutions. We design the most technically developed and flexible line of visual presenters that help teachers move beyond traditional teaching strategies to inspire the classroom with innovative, educational experiences. Lumens is dedicated to delivering the most advanced and reliable line of visual presentation solutions to the K-12 and higher-education communities while offering the most comprehensive, all-inclusive warranty in the industry.

SchoolFusion, a top winner of Technology & Learning's 2005 & 2006 Awards of Excellence, enables districts and schools to implement website communication solutions that have immediate impact. The SchoolFusion package can include easy-to-update websites, interactive calendar systems, professional development tools, teacher websites with a variety of assessment tools, personal portals for each member of the school community and much more! SchoolFusion creates a professional look across your district that will make your whole community take notice. Plus, SchoolFusion has been proven to develop more efficient and accountable teachers, more involved parents and higher achieving students. Please review our brief on line demo at http://www.schoolfusion.com/demos.

Sanyo is a leading manufacturer of LCD and DLP data projectors for the education market with models for portable or fixed installations for applications in classrooms, lecture halls or auditoriums. Products featured this year include the PLC-XL51 Ultra short-throw projector (0" from screen for a 60" image), the new PLC-WXE45 short-throw projector for use with interactive whiteboards, the PLC-XU88 wireless content-delivery projector and the PLC-XC55 ultimate classroom projector with excellent Total Cost of Ownership.

Since 1996, WatchGuard® Technologies has provided reliable, easy-to-manage security appliances to hundreds of thousands of businesses worldwide. Our Firebox® X family of unified threat management (UTM) solutions provides the best combination of strong, reliable, multi-layered security with the best ease of use in its class. Our newest line of products, the WatchGuard® SSL 500 and SSL 1000, makes secure remote access easy and affordable, regardless of the size of the network. All products are backed by LiveSecurity® Service, a ground-breaking support and maintenance program. WatchGuard is a privately owned company, headquartered in Seattle, Washington, with offices throughout North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Latin America.

Association Partners

The Texas Computer Education Association is dedicated to the improvement of teaching and learning through the use of computer technology. The Texas Computer Education Association is the largest state organization devoted to the use of technology in education. Founded in 1980, the organization has been very active throughout Texas supporting instructional technology. Our primary focus is on integrating technology into the K-12 environment and providing our members with state-of-the-art information through conferences, workshops, newsletters, the Internet, and collaborations with higher education and business. TCEA is affiliated with the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) which provides a two-way channel of information throughout the world. For more information visit: www.tcea.org.