Presentations.AI: How To Use It To Teach

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Presentations.AI is one of the ever-growing number of AI-powered presentation creation tools.

These platforms are becoming not only more common but more powerful every day. The result is a system that makes creating slide decks, with images, words and more, as easy as asking for it.

Like many other AI-powered software tools, this lets you create a well-designed and professionally finished slideshow with just a few requests. The idea for use in education is to help educators showcase the information they need in an attractive and engaging way while saving on time.

This guide aims to lay out all you need to know about Presentations.AI to see how it can serve you in your class.

What is Presentations.AI?

Presentations.AI is an artificially intelligent slide deck creation tool that lets you build presentations quickly while still getting a professional-looking design as your end result.


(Image credit: Presentations.AI)

Presentations.AI says that it lets you focus on the story you wish to tell while it focuses on the details. Essentially, this is an effective way to save time as you can ask for what you want, without the need to research your own images and details, before then compiling them yourself. 

Usefully, this isn't just about knocking up a presentation quickly -- although that is the primary feature -- this also lets you work collaboratively. That can make this a powerful way to work together as teachers but also for student use, should you allow that as part of creating a work project, for example.

How does Presentations.AI work?

Presentations.AI is free to use, at time of publishing, and you can get started right away from the website using most devices with a browser.


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Presentations.AI lets you sign in quickly with a Google or Microsoft Teams account or you can sign-up using your email. You're then given the dialogue box in which a request can be typed, above that is a drop-down that lets you select how many slides you want the presentation to run. Then hit the submit button.

This then breaks that down into a few boxes in which you can enter a category, company name or author name if you want this to do specific research, or include another author to work collaboratively. Usefully, this has a drop-down automatically pop up with other email addresses of registered users, so it's simple to find fellow teachers if they're already setup with an account.

The slides sections are then shown where you can add a section, sub-section, or delete a slide before hitting continue. This then gets to work and you should have a presentation within a few seconds. 

In an example on the planets in our solar system, the images were random with not a single planet in sight, so don't expect perfection or close to it -- but this is still early days.

What are the best Presentations.AI features?

Presentations.AI is very easy to use and looks attractive and minimalist but it is clearly aimed at work-based presentations with lots of typical work-focused imagery used, so it can end up quite generic.


(Image credit: Presentations.AI)

Presentations.AI does let you immediately get to editing your work. So in the solar systems example above all that was needed was to swap out a few images to make it look more focused on planets. You can edit and change styles, add text, play with layouts, and more.

Crucially, this is a shortcut to make a slide show for which you will likely have to do some editing, yet the bulk of the job has been done for you, so it should save time.

For collaboration this is ideal as you might start off the basic layout and then have another team member do the editing. Or perhaps you create a slide presentation in which the students have to add to as part of their assignment.

This does fall down on the Style section, which is how the main image looks. If this is wrong there isn't much you can do about it, which sort of defeats the object if you want specific images -- so keep in mind that building around the words rather than images can be important.

Usefully, this works right within Microsoft Teams, so if you are holding a hybrid class it's possible to create, share, and edit presentations live.

How much does Presentations.AI cost?

Presentations.AI is totally free to use at the time of publishing. It only requires you to sign-up using an account or email in order to get creating and editing right away.

If you want to output into a PowerPoint format you will need to place an order for an editable version in that format. This is not cheap, at $198 for a five-slide deck.

Presentations.AI best tips and tricks

Build faster
Since this is type-based, you can create a slide deck from your phone on the go, then work on it in more detail on your computer screen later, for example.

Share a deck with a co-worker to create presentations that save you both time while still getting a professional end result.

Set tasks
Build a deck and have blank spaces for students to fill in so they can present work using this tool, to present to the class, or simply to learn how the tool works.

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