Top 30 Education Sites and Apps of 2020

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(Image credit: Unsplash: Glenn Cartens-Peters)

It’s that time of year of year for my annual top sites and apps. Over the past few years there have been lots of tools for flipping a classroom or lesson.  However, this time around you will see a wider variety of tools, especially ones that can be used for remote/distance learning due to the worldwide pandemic.

Top 30 Sites/Apps of 2020

EssayPop (opens in new tab) - EssayPop is an innovative cloud-based writing platform that makes it easy for students to create essays. Best of all are the vast amount of features to help students become the best writers they can be, such as guided learning, sentences starters, and framed-writing system. (opens in new tab) - A fantastic new interactive whiteboard that allows educators to create student accounts and have them sign-up via a URL. It also allows educators to assess student learning and differentiate instruction in real time.

Escape Classroom (opens in new tab) - Uses game-based learning in an “escape” environment to help student’s learn. Also, Escape Classroom will customize a classroom’s learning experience and has games for remote learning.

CurrikiStudio (opens in new tab) - A wonderful suite of free tools that educators can use to create unique learning experiences, including authoring software with mobile-first activities plus interactive multimedia, images, games, virtual tours, and simulations.

Vocab Victor (opens in new tab) - Features game-based learning to teach vocabulary and is also ideal for working with ESL students. (opens in new tab) - Supports engagement by allowing users to create quizzes that can be automatically graded.

Gimkit (opens in new tab) - Uses game-based learning to help teachers differentiate instruction and support students with self-paced learning.

Doozy (opens in new tab) - A fantastic new site for educators to create online quizzes or games.

TeachVid (opens in new tab) - An amazing online tool that uses flipped learning and lessons to teach foreign languages and ESL students.

Cloud Stop Motion (opens in new tab) - Create stop-motion videos that can be used for digital storytelling and project-based learning.

Wooclap (opens in new tab) - An excellent tool for distance learning in which teachers can create a poll or quiz and have students respond in real-time.

GameChangineer (opens in new tab) - One of my favorite sites for integrating STEM into the classroom through learning how to program and code by easily creating a game.

Naiku (opens in new tab) - Ideal for remote learning as this comprehensive assessment platform lets teachers easily evaluate student learning and differentiate instruction.

Binumi (opens in new tab) - A nice site for creating beautiful presentations and videos so that a finished project can be embedded into a site or blog.

Storillo (opens in new tab) - An innovative new platform for group writing projects that tracks individual contributions.

Monsters vs Fractions (opens in new tab) - A very fun site that uses game-based learning to “solve” a mystery and teach fractions.

Charttt (opens in new tab) - Create a wide variety of online graphs, including pie charts, diagrams, and bar graphs, that can be embedded in documents, presentations, and other sites.

Wordstool (opens in new tab) - One of my favorite sites for creating flashcards. It also offers an educational portal to help teachers track and monitor students.

Hypatia (opens in new tab) - An interesting new site that acts as a “spell check” for math. Hypatia checks a user's problem-solving techniques and offers tips on how to better solve and improve their skills.

WittyWe (opens in new tab) - A wonderful site for finding animated lessons on a wide range of subjects grades K-12. 

Mural (opens in new tab) - A digital collaboration platform with an educational portal for creating any type of graphic organizer, including a mind map, diagram, brainstorm, and more.

Teacher Made (opens in new tab) - A free site that converts old resources (such as PDFs, worksheets, documents, etc.) into interactive online activities.

Insert Learning (opens in new tab) - A terrific Chrome extension that allows users to turn any webpage into a learning moment opportunity by inserting questions, notes, and instructional content.

Circly (opens in new tab) - An easy-to-use drag-and-drop tool for creating beautiful diagrams and graphic organizers.

HeadUP (opens in new tab) - An excellent site for digital storytelling in various subjects that can also be translated into five different languages.

Unsplash for Education (opens in new tab) - Hosts free, license-free education images that anyone can use.

SpeakyReads (opens in new tab) - An innovative speaking, listening, and spelling tool for ESL students looking for help with reading and comprehension. (opens in new tab) - Offers more than 140 virtual field trips, ideal for remote learning.

Coggle (opens in new tab) - An interesting new collaborative site for creating brainstorms, mind maps, and more.

Bibcitation (opens in new tab) - A free resource for citing a wide range of sources, including websites, documents, and videos.