What Is Kahoot! Kids And How Does It Work? Tips & Tricks

Kahoot! Kids
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Kahoot! Kids is a subsection of the full game-based learning platform Kahoot! -- this version is aimed specifically at younger children. 

It is part of the offering that comes with a subscription to Kahoot!+, which gets you full access, and works within the main app. But there is also a lot of free material to take advantage of.

The aim of this sub-platform is to offer all the engaging and educational quiz-based learning of Kahoot! but geared for younger learners who are still working on reading.

So is Kahoot! Kids for you?

What is Kahoot! Kids?

Kahoot! Kids is a part of the Kahoot quiz app platform but it is specifically aimed at younger learners who may not be able to read well enough to take advantage of the full Kahoot! game.

Kahoot! Kids

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Kahoot! Kids uses pre-built quiz games to teach young children yet also allows users the freedom to create their own -- making it a useful tool for both teachers and parents of younger learners.

This also works across the family on multiple devices, allowing for socially active learning while children are also working on how to engage with touch controls.

The whole layout is super simplified so as to allow for child-led exploration and learning without too much assistance required from a parent or teacher.

Available in eight languages, Kahoot! Kids is widely accessible and uses read-aloud tech to help all student levels access the learning.

How does Kahoot! Kids work?

Kahoot! Kids is a quiz platform at its most basic, using questions and answers to foster education. All you need to get started is the app. Then a child profile can be created within that before sharing the device with the young learner who will then be ring-fenced into that learning space that's built for their age.

Kahoot! Kids

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Once in the Kids section it is broken down into sub-sections or mini apps, each of which aim to offer different learning experiences.

Poio, for example, is aimed at helping to teach young learners how to read. Or use DragonBox to work on numbers specifically. These are part of the subscription package only though.

For free you can access the Kahoot! Kids app, which is made up of quizzes created by education professionals to give the most to younger children.

What are the best Kahoot! Kids features?

Kahoot! Kids is super easy to use and features colorful and engaging imagery and audio to make everything fun for younger children. There are even partnerships with companies such as Disney for Frozen number learning or exploration of counting with Winnie The Pooh.

Kahoot! Kids

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The instruction, or questions, are read aloud by a child to make it more engaging, and then the optional answers are also presented with a small animation on each. This allows students to learn which word corresponds to which answer option -- helping them to read and learn about the subject at the same time.

Rocket Race is a fun mode that rewards correct answers, with more altitude granted to an animated rocket. This helps users feel as though they are progressing toward a goal. Class Mode is also an option with simple questions and multiple choice answers, offering a less-pressured option for students who prefer that way of learning.

Memory-based learning is another feature, asking what is gone from a picture just viewed. This is a simple but effective way to engage younger learners with attention and memory.

How much does Kahoot! Kids cost?

Kahoot! Kids is free to use for its most basic setup, which does include a wide selection of games within the app itself. If you want more sub apps and unlimited access to all the content, you'll have to pay.

A Kahoot!+ Home subscription is charged at $5 per month billed at $60 annually, for in-person or video conferencing gaming and lots of content. But not all for Kids!.

You'll need a Kahoot+ Family subscription, at $7.50 per month billed annually at $90, for more access to the Kids! content. This gets you all questions, the DragonBox app, Poio app, and up to six user profiles.

Go for the Kahoot! Premier tier at $15 per month billed annually at $180, and you get the above plus 50 players per game, 10 profiles, new questions and answers, audio additions, course creation, and more customizations.

Kahoot!+ Max is the top end, at $25 per host per month at $300 annually, and you get all the above plus 100 player games, brainstorm questions, team modes, and tournaments.

Kahoot! Kids best tips and tricks

Limit screen time
This is educational but it's still screen time so be sure to set a limit. This keeps kids safe while also leaving them eager to come back for more.

Race the rocket
Use the competitive rocket mode to make a goal fun, perhaps giving kids a real-world treat reward to help them engage with the target-focused way of learning.

When done, ask what kids have learned and engage with them to cement that learning and further promote more with this attention giving reward.

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