10 Tips for Making the Most of ISTE

1. Use the conference planner and FILL IT TO THE BRIM with options.

2. Don’t just be approachable but APPROACH.

3. Take the time to hear new voices.

4. Hit the exhibit hall. Sure, it is a marketing extravaganza, but don’t be afraid to touch, ask, etc.

5. Get away: Take some time to see the Alamo and walk the River Walk.

6. SCHMOOZE: Listen to conversations, check out Twitter for events, etc. for the “after the day is over” events.

7. Blog, Tweet, Google Doc and more: The best thing I saw recently was someone opening a Google Doc during a session and inviting everyone to join in the conversation. Better than a hashtag on Twitter in my humble opinion.

8. Say NO. There is going to be way more than you can do. Say no to something.

9. Be a part of the conversation. EdReach is going to be having live shows pretty much every hour during ISTE and is looking for people to join in the conversation!

10. Bring something you can share with others so they will remember you run up. Put your Twitter name on your name badge, have a QR code business card, create badge ribbons to share, but find a way, that when ISTE is over, you will be remembered.