2009 Digital School District Survey Winners

Winners of the sixth annual Digital School Districts Survey have been announced by e.Republic’s Center for Digital Education, the National School Boards Association and Converge Online magazine. The Survey’s purpose is to recognize school districts and school boards across the nation whose use of digital technology in interfacing with students, parents and community, district governing, and bettering of operations proved exceptional.

Of the top ten districts in the 2009 Digital School District Survey, eight are current subscribers to the eBOARD, a modular web-based governance software. Currently over 170 school boards and districts are using eBOARD, which offers tools to help school boards align and manage their strategic and school improvement plans, set and manage their policies, manage their meetings, and communicate openly with all stakeholders.

Mark Willis, COO of eBOARDsolutions comments, "We are so proud that eight of this year's Digital School Board winners are users of eBOARD. We applaud them for their leadership in modeling 21st century skills and their commitment to leveraging technology to align and focus their work on raising student achievement."

Digital School Board 2009 Winners who subscribe to eBOARD include:

Large Category - More than 15,000 students:

3rd Clayton County Public Schools (tie) (Subscribe to all eBOARD Modules)
3rd Forsyth County School District (tie) (Subscribe to all eBOARD Modules)
6th Richmond County School System (Subscribe to all eBOARD Modules)
8th Fayette County Schools (tie) (Subscribe to all eBOARD Modules)

Medium Category - 2,501 - 15,000 students:

7th Jones County Schools, Ga. (tie) (Subscribe to most eBOARD modules including Meetings and Policy)
8th Jefferson City Schools, Ga.(Subscribe to all eBOARD Modules)
10th Marietta City Schools, Ga. (tie) (Subscribe to eBOARD Advanced Strategic Plan Module)

Small Category - Less than 2,500 students:

4th Chickamauga City School System, Ga. (Subscribe to eBOARD Policy)

"We are so excited with our placement in the 2009 Digital School Districts Survey," said Dr. Dana Bedden, Superintendent of Schools for Richmond County Schools who placed 6th nationally in the large category." eBOARD has played a tremendous role to reach our system's goal in being transparent in communication within our system and community. This has been a team effort and certainly an honor to every employee in the Richmond County School System."

Dr. John DeCotis, superintendent of Fayette County Schools says, "We are honored to receive this award. It is a team effort on the part of our technology department, the staff at the schools, county level and our students and parents! eBOARD has enabled us to communicate easier and more freely with our constituents. It has proven to be a big asset."

"eBOARD has been a marvelous addition to our school system, and its impact has been pervasive. It has increased our level of efficiency and reduced the amount of time required to prepare for Board meetings," said John Jackson, superintendent of Jefferson City Schools."eBOARDsolutions has enhanced the level of communication between my office and our Board of Education and it has also improved the level of communication between the system and the community-at-large. I know I speak for our Board in saying that after experiencing the many benefits offered by eBOARDsolutions, we could not imagine operating without it."