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5 TCEA Takeaways

Mobile is everywhere:This hardly comes asa surprise, but justabout every session hadsomething to do withmobile learning.
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■ Mobile is everywhere: This hardly comes as a surprise, but just about every session had something to do with mobile learning. BYO, 1:1, iPads, Androids, laptops, etc. You name it, there was a presentation for it.

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Students as producers: This is a great trend in education that is aided by this mobile push. Many of the sessions focused more on the students taking control of their learning and publishing work to the world.

App madness: Yes, the masses are hungry for apps. It wasn’t unusual to see long lines outside any session with “app” in the title.

Smaller companies step up: Unlike most conferences, the exhibit floor seemed to feature many more up-and-coming companies and vendors. This is mainly due to the combination of mobile push and the fact that smaller companies seem to innovate at a quicker rate than their larger counterparts.

Informal space to collaborate: One of the best features of the conference was the “Digital Square.” This was a space where many presenters and attendees would gather to discuss ideas. Much of the furniture actually contained power supplies so you could recharge your device while recharging your mind.



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5 FETC Takeaways

There’s an App for that! From the opening “shootout” to theclosing session, thousands of apps were suggested—enough tofill every need and create some new needs.

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5 Educon Takeaways

Teachers must embrace (not just accept)relinquishing control to students. Ifstudents are to “own” their education, theymust be trusted to make decisions—andmistakes—about what and how they learn.

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Bold Predictions Sure to Go Wrong in 2015

The truth is, anyone can predict fairly obvious things (like Google will be the number 1 search engine), so what I attempt to do here is make some daring predictions that may or may not come true (like Alta Vista will make a comeback! Ok…maybe not that daring).



Like all things Texas, the San Antonio show floor is large, which makes it easier to get around and find what you need. Here are my top takeaways from ISTE 2017, as well as a few from some of our fantastic T&L advisors.

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