Access Databases on a Macintosh

Question: How can I view an Access database on a Macintosh?

The IT Guy says:
Three possible options come to mind.
First, you could have the person export the Access database data as a delimited file, and then open that file with Microsoft Excel or another spreadsheet program. That way you could not only view the data, but also manipulate it. You can also import the delimited data into a native Macintosh database program like Filemaker Pro.

A second option is to ask your network administrator to configure a remote access account that will log into a Windows server and run Microsoft Access. This connection can be made using the free “Remote Desktop Client Application for Macintosh OS X.” Alternatively, you could log into a WindowsXP computer (at a time when another user isn’t working) from your Macintosh and run MS Access if it is installed on that computer. You will need to be able to open your Access file from the network, however, so it is a good idea to save the file to a shared network folder/directory first that you can access from the remote login.

A third option is to run Virtual PC on your Macintosh that has MS Office (including the Access program) installed on it. With this solution, you do not have to remotely open your Access data file via a network share. With Virtual PC, you can open files that are saved in folders on your Macintosh computer that are shared with the Windows/Virtual PC software emulator program.

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