Apple Mighty Mouse

Company: Apple;
System Requirements: Mac OS X or Windows 2000/XP
Price: $49
Pros: Allows Mac users to right click; attractive design; works well on PCs
Cons: No wireless option; erratic performance with some multimedia-intensive applications

In the great war between Macs and PCs, lovers of all things Apple have long decried PCs as soulless, awkward, and irretrievably flawed. But a consistently vocal minority of Mac users has also begged Apple to market a mouse that provides the right-click functionality that PCs have always had.

Finally, Mac users can now purchase the Mighty Mouse, which allows right clicking without the "Control plus click" hassle. The irony is that the Mighty Mouse, though attractive, provides nothing that other PC-designed mice haven't had for years—and several of those products work just fine on Macs and cost less.

That said, the Mighty Mouse does work well on both platforms, though it performs a bit erratically with some multimedia-intensive applications (I tested it on three video games on both platforms). Puzzling, though, is the lack of a wireless option—with computer trends heading away from cables and wires, why release a mouse that isn't wireless?