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Asset Management Systems

  • Determine your district's priorities up front.
  • Purchase a product that, at a minimum, tracks software inventory and hardware inventory.
  • Look for products that track license compliance and software utilization.
  • Make sure the system is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix, and Novell.
  • Consider features that allow you to detect unauthorized software and remote computers not on the network, track leasing information, monitor assets at the component level and generate alerts for missing assets, and manage check-in and check-out of shared assets.
  • Lets your district be proactive about optimizing hardware and software usage.
  • Enables management of software license compliance; prevents licensing penalties.
  • Makes audits, such as for E-rate, easier to complete.
  • Facilitates efficient use and measurement of systems so informed decisions about reallocation of underutilized assets can be made.
  • Offers accurate asset information at your fingertips for budgeting and tech planning.