Best Free AI Quiz Generators

Best Free AI Quiz Generators
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The explosion of artificial technology tools for education is head-spinning. Although not every part of a teacher's work can be outsourced to AI, quiz creation tools can save them time while allowing final control of questions and answers to remain in their hands. 

To help educators make sense of the AI quiz creation landscape, we examined free AI-powered quiz-generating platforms, evaluating for the ease of use, features, number of free quizzes allowed, and—most important—quality of questions generated. We found a wide range of utility within the free options, with the two best platforms clearly superior and well worth exploring further.

How We Tested

The following prompts were used to generate three types of quizzes. For platforms that don't support each type of quiz, we evaluated what was generated based on quality. Only the free version of each platform was evaluated for this article. 

  • Write a 10 question multiple-choice quiz for the play Macbeth by William Shakespeare
  • Write a 10 question short-answer quiz for the play Macbeth by William Shakespeare
  • Write a 10 question fill-in-the-blank quiz for the play Macbeth by William Shakespeare

Overall grades were determined based on the quality of quiz questions generated, ease of use, and the number of free quizzes allowed. Questions designed to demonstrate close reading and analysis were graded higher than obvious questions of facts. Representative best and worst quiz questions are provided, as well as links to the full quizzes. 

Best Free AI Quiz Generators

ChatGPT 3.5

Pros: Fast and easy to use. Simple interface. 

Cons: Quiz questions lean toward the obvious.   

Best Quiz Question: How does Macbeth's character change throughout the course of the play?

Worst Quiz Question: Who is the main protagonist in Macbeth?

Links to Quizzes:

Grade: B-

Conker AI

Pros: Option to include reading passage as basis for quiz. The button "Not quite what you were looking for?" that accompanies each quiz allows teachers to modify quizzes based on character analysis, symbolism, and historical context. A link at the end of each quiz allows users to validate the answers with one click via search engine. 

Cons: Only five free shares per month allowed. 

Best Quiz Question: Analyze how Macbeth's character changes after the prophecy by the Weird Sisters. Select two traits that best describe this transformation.

Worst Quiz Question: What is the name of the main character in Macbeth?

Link to quizzes:

Grade: C


Pros: Users can edit quizzes, adding questions, answers and hints for students. The preview feature allows teachers to view quizzes as students would see them. 

Cons: No matter the prompt, only four questions were generated for each quiz. No export option is available. The moderately complex interface is not always intuitive. 

Best quiz question: What does Birnam Wood coming to Dunsinane signify in the play?

Worst quiz question:  What does Lady Macbeth persuade Macbeth to do?

Links to quizzes:

Grade: B-

Google Bard

Pros: Super easy to use if you're signed into your Google account. Export results or share with a public link. Quizzes are title and include brief relevant instructions for students. Bonus question provided with each quiz. To adjust the results, click  “modify this response,” which allows users to adjust length, complexity and tone quickly.

Cons: None noted. The spare, intuitive interface contains no distracting filler and allows teachers to focus on creating and sharing content, which is automatically saved to Google Drive for up to 36 months before deletion.

Best Quiz Question:  The play ends with Malcolm being crowned King of Scotland. What final message does this convey?

Worst Quiz Question:  The play opens with three _______ prophesizing greatness for Macbeth and Banquo.

Links to Quizzes:

Grade: A

Perplexity AI

Pros:  Very fast and easy to use. Sources are provided for all information given. Users have the option to focus on specific sources, including academic and internet-excluded. Users on the free plan are allowed five Copilot queries every four hours. 

Cons: Minor -- the premium upload feature, allowing images, text, and PDFs, appears to be available to free users, although it is not. 

Best Quiz Question: How does the theme of appearance versus reality manifest in the play?

Worst Quiz Question: Who first prophesies that Macbeth will be King of Scotland?

Links to Quizzes:

Grade: A

Quiz Maker

Pros:  Easy to sign up and generate quizzes, which can include images as well as text. Multiple adjustable settings and themes allow for personalization. Quizzes are shareable via email and social media. 

Cons: Only three quizzes allowed in free version. Slower than most in generating questions. Not an education-focused platform. Creates multiple-choice quizzes regardless of prompt, with very basic questions only. 

Best Quiz Question: Who is Banquo's son?

Worst Quiz Question: Who is the main protagonist in Macbeth?

Links to Quizzes:

Grade: C-


Pros: Fairly fast, clean interface. Can upload images or text as a prompt. Export to text file.

Cons: Requires a 250-word text to generate quiz (We used a summary of Macbeth generated by Bard). Only five free quizzes per month. Users can’t specify quiz type. 

Best Quiz Question: What psychological impact does the assassination of Duncan have on Macbeth?

Worst Quiz Question: Who are the first characters to encounter Macbeth in Shakespeare's Macbeth?

Links to Quizzes:

Grade: C

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