Best of Infocomm 2019

Teen girl touches clevertouch plus display

Congratulations to this year’s winners of the Best of Infocomm contest! 

Clevertouch Plus Series

Plus Series from Clevertouch is a large format interactive display developed specifically for schools. The central hub within the classroom, it integrates and connects with existing devices and networked functions across the school. Clevershare allows teachers to cast, share, and annotate onto the screen from their own laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Clevershare enables up to four students at any one time to cast their work onto the screen from their device, sharing their workings with the rest of the class. Teachers can share the screen with multiple student devices, enabling pupils to work independently at their desks. No need to connect a laptop to use the screen as all existing lessons can be accessed via their cloud accounts.  But if teachers choose, there is a built-in PC. Clever Message allows schools to send content and alerts to all or selected Plus screens at any time across an entire school.  

Crestron Electronics Inc. AirMedia Presentation System 200

The AirMedia Wireless Presentation System 200 (AM-200) provides users with a simpler user interface, quick connection via all operating systems, no programming required, and native integration with the Crestron AirBoard whiteboard capture system and Crestron Flex UC solutions. Crestron AirBoard enables both local and remote participants to see whiteboard content on the main room display and on their personal display device, and then share it with the touch of a button. With a secure wired and wireless presentation solution in lounges, lobbies, and open spaces, Crestron AM-200 provides everyone with an easy to use wireless presentation solution. 

Crestron Electronics Inc. Crestron Room Scheduling

With touch screens, scheduling software, and illuminated room availability indicators, Crestron Room Scheduling makes it easy to connect and collaborate across all classrooms. Crestron has partnered with Ad Astra, CollegeNET, New Wave Apps, and SpaceIQ to natively run their scheduling solutions on Crestron room scheduling touch screens. Crestron touch screens connect to a Microsoft Exchange Server, Office 365, G Suite, Ad Astra and CollegeNET with no additional software or hardware needed. Native Crestron room scheduling software provides a variety of branding and customization options including HTML5 support. When integration a Crestron scheduling platform, schools can choose from a wide range of secure, enterprise grade, PoE touch screens available in 5", 7", and 10" with versatile mounting options. Unlike consumer tablets, which rely on unreliable Wi-Fi connectivity, Crestron touch screens employ a simple Ethernet connection that contains data and power.  

crowdbeamer, a brand of RORYCO: crowdbeamer ES+ presentation system and crowdbeamer Enterprise+

The powerful presentation system for education and training facilities

Crowdbeamer, the first presentation system that streams any HDMI or VGA video signal in real time to all wirelessly connected portable devices, broadens its product portfolio with a new Enterprise+ model. Just like the GO, Enterprise & ProAV models, crowdbeamer Enterprise+ can be used to share content with a live audience anywhere and anytime. Whereas the crowdbeamer GO and Enterprise models come with a built-in battery and antenna to provide a 100% mobile solution, the new Enterprise+ model is optimized for maximum WiFi coverage. Thanks to its four dual-band 2.4/5GHz external antennas, Crowdbeamer Enterprise+ triples the WiFi range of the GO & Enterprise models, making it ideal for education and professional development. Using the free crowdbeamer app (available for Windows, Android, macOS & iOS), any student or trainee gets a perfect view of the content that is shared and can even zoom in for more detail (if needed). In addition, they can capture screenshots, add personal notes, and export all content to other applications.

HoverCam Pilot 5

HoverCam’s Pilot 5 changes the landscape of classroom instruction and training. The fully integrated, portable wireless digital teaching station offers similar connectivity options to the award-winning Pilot 3, separating itself with an all-day rechargeable battery operation, Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB RAM memory, and 512GB SSD to handle the most demanding programs and services. Its Windows 10 OS, 13MP document camera, and up to 4K wireless HDMI image mirroring function allows for the touchscreen to appear on displays around the room, eliminating the outdated AV cart and puts the essential components educators and presenters need in one solution. The built-in wireless HDMI transmitter beams content to any IFP, projector, or TV with no dangling cords or cables, keeping rooms neat and safe from tripping hazards. The document camera also features a built-in microphone for capturing audio and enables interactive whiteboarding, annotation, and desktop marking for lesson recording. All notes, annotations, video, and audio can be captured in real-time for users to access anywhere, anytime and from any device or browser — making it the perfect solution for higher education and commercial training installations that demand remote learning and breakout meetings. 

Kramer Electronics USA VIA Connect PLUS

VIA Connect PLUS provides simultaneous wired and wireless presentation and collaboration for a variety of spaces with no need for any additional hardware. This cost−effective solution includes all the benefits of VIA Connect PRO together with an HDMI input. With any laptop or mobile device, meeting participants can display or stream full uninterrupted HD video (up to 1080p60), images and documents, or share any size file. Latest additions to the software include the integration of Zoom and Bluejeans video conferencing software, as well as a new Digital Signage feature. 

Maxell MA-XL1 Lecture Capture Solution

MA-XL1 Lecture Capture Solution has been engineered purposefully to meet the needs of the classroom of the future. The MA-XL1 Lecture Capture Solution connects all your E-learning tools into a single control point, which enables you to switch instantly between a wide variety of resources. With the MA-XL1 users can record and upload interactive content, while collaborating with classrooms across multiple remote locations, maintaining full interactivity with all students. Full control is easily managed from a simple menu displayed on the lecture screen (or a smart device) while technical staff can seamlessly connect to a wide range of hardware and software, including the leading Lecture Management Solutions. Features include: On-screen icons that allow you to switch content during the lesson; 10 input terminals for PC or Tablets, Cameras, Document Cameras, Whiteboard as well as three HDMI, SDI, TCP/IP etc.; make notes and drawings on the main screen for any input channel and save the drawing independently for each channel; record and capture screen shots, stream and upload content; and share the same interactive screen with a remote classroom and share notes and drawings on the shared screen from both rooms.  

ViewSonic Corp. ViewBoard IFP8650 Gen 2 Display

The ViewSonic ViewBoard IFP8650 Gen 2 is an 86-inch interactive display. An upgraded version of the ViewBoard IFP50 series, the IFP8650 Gen 2 features an ultra-slim bezel design and enhanced touch screen with ultra-fine technology, as well as built-in 2.1 stereo speakers with subwoofer. A SmartPort, along with some physical form factor changes, the ViewBoard IFP8650 Gen 2 continues to provide outstanding collaborative experiences. It features native 4K Ultra HD (3840x2160) resolution and multiple connectivity options to connect to a wide variety of computing and multimedia devices. New ports now include SmartPort, a series of front-facing USB ports that follow current input channels; and a dedicated camera port so users can connect a camera to use between a slot-in PC or Android system, with no need to plug/unplug when switching operating systems. The IFP8650 Gen 2 now includes an enhanced 20-point touch-enabled panel, which can not only differentiate stylus tip sizes, but also offer two-color writing simultaneously, allowing multiple users to write or draw on the display’s surface.