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Black Eyed Peas concert spotlights STEM achievements

 What do, the inventor of the Segway, and teenage robot-makers have in common?
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What do, the inventor of the Segway, and teenage robot-makers have in common? All of them are dedicated to science, technology and education – and will be featured in a Black Eyed Peas ABC concert special on August 14 at 7pm ET emphasizing these important areas.

The Black Eyed Peas front man and inventor Dean Kamen recently teamed up for this entertainment celebration event called– Science is Rock and Roll – an hour of highlights from the 2010-2011 FIRST  (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) competition season and FIRST Championship. The concert special will showcase students building robots and competing in high-energy robotics matches, with the participation of, who volunteers his time to help get the word out about making math, science and technology cool.



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