BLOG BITS, November 2012 - Tech Learning

BLOG BITS, November 2012

The five criteria that ChallengeSuccess brings to schoolsattempt to modernize theobsolete system in placetoday: scheduling, projectbasedlearning, alternativeassessment, climate of care, andparent education.- Tina Barseghian
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The five criteria that Challenge Success brings to schools attempt to modernize the obsolete system in place today: scheduling, projectbased learning, alternative assessment, climate of care, and parent education.
- Tina Barseghian

With robust student information systems, learning management systems, instructional software, and powerful data mining tools at our fingertips, “item analysis days” need to become a thing of the past.
- Christopher Dawson




As a high school student reading articles about the benefits of modern school practices, I don’t understand why my high school can’t incorporate these practices into our system.

Blog Bits, November 2011

When I talk about a netbook running Linux, many people lose their minds because it’s not an Apple device. —Ben Grey

BLOG BITS, June 2012

Twitter wasn’t invented with Arab Spring in mind, but it is clear that social networking tools have helped in planning and organizing radical change.

BLOG BITS, October 2012

Netbooks, which in 2009 seemed to be the computing format of the future, have been one of the biggest casualties of the growing popularity of tablets. —Louie Herr

BLOG BITS, July 2012

Many schools and districts are putting in place policies about gadgets and media rather than people and behavior. – Lisa Nielsen

Blog Bits, January 2012

While I believe schools should be wired places where community members can access the Internet, I do not believe all students need the same tool nor do I believe all students need the government to provide them with the learning tools they deem best.

BLOG BITS, September 2012

When content is free, open, and accessible to all then we need to rethink what lectures should be used for and delivering content or knowledge is not a good use.