Blog Peripherals: Enhancing Your Blog's Presence

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In helping someone setup a Thingamablog, I was surprised to count all the free stuff that needed to be added for blogging to take place. Of course, I didn't add them all at once but over time. However, consider this short list of blog peripherals that I consider essential when setting up a new blog to have.

Tools to Track Subscribers — Lets you track who's subscribed to your RSS Feeds

FeedBlitz — Allows people to subscribe to email versions of blog entries

Tools to Track Hits or Number of Visitors and Where They Are from

BlogPatrol — Get a hit counter for your blog (tracks unique IP Addresses)

StatCounter — Put this code on every page, and you can find out which of your blog entries are popular by counting the hits, etc.

ClustrMaps — See visitors as red dots on your map of the world

Connecting to Others

Haloscan — Enable commenting on your blog if it lacks that feature

Blogrolling — lets you organize and easily share other blogs you read (this attracts traffic to your blog) — let's you bookmark sites and then share the list with others. Alternatives include (my favorite) and — get your own wiki for free. Tell them you're an educator and they remove all advertising — online chat

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