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Boxlight Releases New STEM Guide

(Image credit: boxlight)

Boxlight Corporation (Nasdaq: BOXL) (“Boxlight”) has published “The Big Guide to STEM: Volume No. 2,” an updated version of its STEM guide from 2017. The new guide offers a fresh take on STEM education with tips and resources to guide teachers as they integrate STEM into their curriculum.

Available at no charge, the guide explains why STEM is critical for today’s students and shares how to incorporate STEM learning into the classroom. Embedded links throughout the guide give readers access to resources and supplementary information. New additions to the guide include a top 10 resources for robotics and coding, a top 10 resources on space, and refreshed statistics and top 10 best of lists throughout. Additionally, the guide includes new articles on robotics and how to take STEM lessons beyond the usual subject matter.

Elementary school principal Kelly Bielefeld, teacher Kristy Nerstheimer, assistant high school principal Travis Rink, award-winning high school science teacher Denise Scribner, edtech specialist Lynn Erickson, and Boxlight VP of STEM Education Stephen Barker contributed to the guide. Each has included contact information so that readers can ask for more information or ideas via Twitter or email.

To download a copy of the free guide, educators can go to (opens in new tab)