Buffing Up for a New School Year

from Technology & Learning

This month, T&L brings you a host of new resources for a brand new school year. Our editorial team has been out and about talking to education publishers at the National Educational Computing Conference (this past June in Atlanta) and at other venues to gather the newest information on products being launched or upgraded for the 2007–2008 academic year. See our cover story, "100+ New Products," for a comprehensive rundown of the latest offerings and a look at trends we're seeing in the market.

Technology & Learning is also refreshing itself for the new school year, with a few additions and enhancements. Look for a regular monthly Higher Ed column by Iowa State University's Dr. Scott McLeod. McLeod, who also blogs for techlearning.com, will target college-level educators and interested K–12 school leaders, with discussions of key issues and also practical information on tools and resources for better instruction with technology.

Also, this year look for quarterly updates on the E-rate beginning in October. We will offer tips and keep you abreast of deadlines, changes, and the best ways to take advantage of E-rate funding resources for your district's needs. Also stay tuned for monthly expert advice on other types of grants and funding opportunities, as we broaden our Bottom Line column to include expert advice from those who know it inside out.

In addition to all our other usual columns and features, we'll be continuing our one-to-one best practices series, with profiles from around the country by author Tom McHale. And don't forget our usual contests and programs, including the Awards of Excellence, Leader of the Year, and Portraits of Learning—the last two have October deadlines, so don't let them slip by. Welcome back!

Susan McLester
Editor in Chief