CDI launches EdTech-as-a-Service

To launch a new technology initiative, school districts typically raise large amounts of capital or pull funding from other areas in order to purchase equipment. This can be a barrier for districts that want to start 1:1 initiatives, upgrade technology and bandwidth across buildings, or start new technology-supported instructional initiatives. To address this challenge, CDI Technologies has created “EdTech-as-a-Service” to help schools launch their technology programs and reach 1:1 faster.

School districts enrolled in the program pay an annual flat fee per student or per seat. They select technologies and support services from CDI’s menu of options. CDI includes technology refreshes at predetermined intervals to ensure the district has access to the latest devices.

EdTech-as-a-Service combines hardware, software and services into a single subscription. Technology options include a wide selection of new and refurbished devices, charging carts, interactive displays, educational software and classroom management tools. Service options include planning, deployment, device management, professional development support and warranties. Unlike a traditional lease, EdTech-as-a-Service gives schools the flexibility to include recurring managed service charges. per seat subscriptions as well as add and subtract seats at any time.

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