Common Sense Launches Online COVID-19 Resource Hub for Families and Educators

commonsense education logo
(Image credit: Common Sense Media)

Common Sense has launched two new webpages compiling extensive resources for parents and educators with best practices for learning at home, keeping kids supervised and engaged, safeguarding physical and mental wellness, and more.

The Common Sense parenting page for the coronavirus includes:

  • What to watch, read, and play while staying home, with quality age-appropriate media and books lists
  • Online resources for learning at home and homework help
  • Guidance for understanding COVID-19 news coverage and helping kids to process what is happening
  • How to stay calm for yourself and your kids, with movement games and wellness apps
  • Spanish language resources

The Common Sense educator page for the coronavirus includes:

  • Extensive tools and advice for virtual education, including student-led learning and virtual field trips
  • Remote teaching resources for core subjects
  • Tools for video collaboration and discussion and communicating with parents
  • Digital Citizenship resources for challenges and cyberbullying students may face as learning and interaction moves online
  • Family education materials
  • Research-backed strategies to ease stress and encourage learning
  • News and media literacy to help students and families understand what information is credible and what isn't
  • Media balance tips