Costs of Typical Online School - Tech Learning



Cost-Cutting Strategies

Tip: Just because our budgets are getting a little tighter, it does not mean we have to stop providing professional development. There are a variety of opportunities that you can take advantage of for your teachers. Coach several key teachers to be mentors who will support their colleagues. Create or find

Calculating Total Cost of Ownership

I want to start budgeting for Total Cost of Ownership expenses, but I'm not sure where to begin. Can you recommend a resource that would help me project some actual figures? Experts say that whether you plan for it or not, a well supported technology program requires annual expenditures of 30-50% of the original

Free and Low-cost Videoconferencing

Tip: You have the videoconferencing equipment and teachers that are interested in setting up a project, but you are not aware of programs that are available. Here is a list of Web portals that offer free and low-cost programs. T.W.I.C.E. - Two-Way Interactive Connections in Education The most user-friendly

Identifying Actual Costs

Tip: How do you measure the costs invested in your professional development program against the anticipated results. The best way to determine the total cost of your professional development program is to compare the costs per teacher with the savings per teacher. Some of the costs may include: Stipends for