Digital Resources for National Cyber Security and National Bullying Prevention Month

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October is National Cyber Security and National Bullying Prevention Month. This is a perfect time for lessons and discussions in classrooms throughout the school building.  Discussions can be as simple as a pre-writing that starts at the first few minutes of class as a warm up activity or a full lesson that links Cyber Security to concepts or standards in that course.  Topics can include: Facts & Figures: Cyber Bullying and How to make positive change. See the link below for more information from the Do Something Global Movement

To continue our Technology Literacy them, teens should read about Smartphone Security Checker to secure their mobile phones or learn about how to use public WiFi safely. Whether you teach Cyber Security, Social Studies, Economics & Personal Finance or Career & Technical Education there is something for every level.

Cyber Bullying Information: 
Information from the government website to stop bullying
Facts about Cyber bullying from the Do Something global movement   Stats, information handouts, and even a bookmark you can download which has a pledge the kids can sign.  

Cyber Security Information
The Department of Homeland Security offers student resources.

Websites with tips and tip sheets about digital declutters, staying safe on vacation and at tax time and even a  Cyber Safety "tech talk" for parents to give their kids. Sheets may be downloaded in many languages.

NICCS: National Initiative for CyberSecurity Careers and Studies:  Resources for Teachers: 

NICE CyberSecurity Workforce Framework 

Cyber Security Career Profiles 



From NICERC: An Academic Division of The Innovation Center  Cipher Disk Activity: A great hands on way to learn encryption and decryption. 

The Secret Code of Lewis’s and Clark. Password Challenge for Students 

November/Upcoming Events:

GIS Day: Geographic Information Systems (GIS): November 13:

Enjoy October!

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Deborah Marshall is the Department Chair of Career & Technical Education and Lisa McKnight Ward is the librarian at Granby High School in Norfolk, Virginia. Both are Nationally Board Certified, former Teachers of the Year, who have taught multiple subjects including AP and IB courses. They have over a decade of experience collaborating on technology-based learning. Read more at