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Presentation Materials

Tip: A successful videoconference varies lecture, interactivity, and a variety of presentation materials. Begin the conference with a logo that identifies your organization. For paper documents, use a dedicated document camera or create PowerPoint slides. Put all documents in landscape view with a type size of

When Do you Say No?

Our technology coordinator has an opportunity to bring a large grant to my site, but the proposal is really her personal project and she doesn't have the staff's support. Should I encourage her to proceed and hope for the best? It's difficult to turn down a funding opportunity, particularly in bad financial

Seeking Permission to Copyrighted Materials

Tip: As a professional developer, you may want to use copyrighted materials in your presentations or workshops. Ask permission in writing so you have a hard copy for your records. Make sure you give yourself at least two weeks so you receive permission in time. Give your name, title, and organization. Write

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How much do you actually use in school?

T&L Asks Readers Chances are you have more software and computing power at your fingertips than do all the astronauts put together. How much do you actually use in school?

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Results of a recent survey, “Common Sense Census: Media Use by Tweens and Teens,” found that kids spend a lot of time each day with entertainment media (5:55 total hours (tweens)/8:56 total hours (teens)).

Do We Really Need Student Technology Standards?

Our new state technology plan format requires that the district provide a separate scope and sequence for student technology skills. I thought the whole idea was to embed these skills in content area teaching. Am I mistaken? Although students today are tech-savvy in many ways, most still require direct instruction

Copyright and Fair Use Center

Copyright and Fair Use Center This site, from the Stanford University libraries, offers a complete guide to copyright, fair use, intellectual property, and other concepts important to any teacher, especially one whose students create projects using downloaded material. Bookmark this site for