Edgenuity Partners with Institute for Teaching and Leading

Edgenuity, provider of online curriculum and instructional services for the K-12 market, has announced a partnership with the Institute for Teaching and Leading (i4tl). 

As part of this partnership, i4tl studied schools that are implementing digital curriculum and content in personalized learning environments. The report, The Intersection of Personalization, Technology, and Leadership: Research into Customized Learning, identifies best practices for the design, implementation and continuous improvement of digital learning models through case studies of schools at various levels of implementation.

The study also explores the experiences of students, parents, teachers, and administrators across a variety of learning environments to understand perspectives through the lens of each stakeholder group. The i4tl and Edgenuity partnership reflects the organizations’ shared philosophies of the importance of broad ecosystem support in transforming the K-12 classroom.

Following publication, Edgenuity and i4tl will present their findings through a series of webinars, workshop sessions and presentations at conferences and symposiathroughout the year.