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Editor’s Note: Back To The Future

Traditionally, we dub this month’s magazine the “Back to School” issue.
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Traditionally, we dub this month’s magazine the “Back to School” issue. But as most of you will attest, this quaint anachronism belies all the work that happens during the summer months—from curriculum planning to system upgrades to professional learning. We gave a number of our advisors even more duties this past June during our second School CIO Summit in La Jolla, California. For two days, more than 40 district executives participated in working groups that explored and dissected some of the most pressing edtech issues: Mobile and cloud computing, virtual and blended learning, and tech-based professional development. The conversations were spirited and inspiring. The advice and insights, I think, were invaluable. The fruits of their labor can be read in our special supplement. To get more in-depth, go to www.schoolcio.com/ciosummits to download the presentations from our “vault”. Be sure to follow our continuing coverage of these topics during our third CIO Summit in Chicago this month, as well as our fall Tech Forum events in New York on October 19 and Austin on November 8.

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Also for this issue, we tapped several of our international advisors, including Terry Freedman in the UK, Özge Karaog˘lu in Turkey, and Kim Cofino in Japan, to report on how schools around the world are improving and innovating (Playing Globally). The authors not only share fresh ideas, they also provide tips on how your school can become worldlier. Follow reader responses to these stories on our TL advisor blog here: www.techlearning.com/section/Blogs. Come join the conversation!

— Kevin Hogan
Editorial Director

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Editor’s Note: Future present

The surprising death last month of New York Times media reporter David Carr was upsetting for many reasons, one of which I didn’t expect until after reading his obituary.

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Editor’s Note: Best Guesses

In what has become an annual Tech&Learning tradition, theeditors asked our esteemed team of advisors to bring outthe crystal ball and try to divine what’s next in edtech.

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I’m not sure if contributing editor Ellen Ullman likes doingher taxes or not, but she sure seemed to enjoy digging intothe finances of some of the country’s more innovative schooldistricts (Smart Ways to Save).

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Editor’s Note: Big Ideas

One of the more satisfying aspects of this job is theopportunity to meet regularly with some of America’smost innovative educators and to pick their brains.