Edsby Deploying Country Wide in New Zealand

Edsby® K!2 digital learning and data platform is being deployed across New Zealand.  

After two years of competitive evaluations, the New Zealand Ministry of Education awarded Edsby a contract to build and run the country’s Te Rito National Learner Repository and Data Exchange, formerly the Student Information Sharing Initiative (SISI).   

This multi-year key Ministry project is aimed at strengthening the continuity of learning for New Zealand’s 800,000 students by consolidating critical information to ensure it is available to teachers when a student arrives in a new school.

Edsby is being configured to the Ministry’s requirements and is to be deployed in two early stage roll-outs with the first stage already underway. The system is then to be rolled out to all 2,500 public schools in the country, so that regardless of the individual school’s Student Management System (SMS), information will be available to support the learner at school, when it’s needed.  

All data will be hosted in Ministry-approved cloud data centers operated by Microsoft. The Ministry is working with legal, ethics and privacy experts to ensure data privacy and access is managed appropriately. New Zealand’s student data privacy regulations are among the strictest in the world.