Edtech Snapshot: Singapore

Edtech Snapshot: Singapore

Educational technology plays a huge role in classrooms in Singapore. Singapore has one of the best education systems in the world, and students from their public schools rate very highly globally in science and mathematics. The government encourages the adoption of best practices in schools here and serves as a catalyst for innovation in schools. Classrooms in Singapore are equipped with projectors, teachers have a laptop each, and students have access to lots of resources in information technology.

One example of edtech best practices is the LEGO Education Mindstorms, which are set to teach mathematics and science in the classroom. For example, students have used the platform to build robots that collect data about acceleration and deceleration. Schools have also used this platform to teach ratios. In addition to the robotics programs, other popular technologies include iPads, smartphones, and laptops.

Education is a top priority for the Singapore government, and it ensures that schools in Singapore receive the funding they need to continually provide a superior education for their students. Schools also have access to and can submit proposals for various funds set up by the Ministry of Education. If the proposals are deemed worthy, the schools are given grants to develop innovations in education. Schools that show good progress with their programs are even given a “centre of excellence” status within the school cluster. These exemplary schools enjoy increased funding to innovate in specific areas and share their findings with other schools in the area.

Singapore, being a modern society, firmly believes that technology provides students a strong platform to enhance their educational experience.

Hozefa Aziz is the Chief Education Officer at Duck Learning.