Education Elements Announces Grant to Help Implement Personalized Learning

Education Elements is offering a grant to help principals implement lead student-centered learning initiatives.

The Education Elements Grant for Personalized Learning Schools will provide a principal with $3,000 to use toward classroom redesign or programs that will directly benefit student learning and outcomes, 12 months of access to Education Elements’ Personalized Learning Toolkit and six hours of virtual support with an Education Elements consultant. Principals can apply through Sept. 30, 2019. For more information or to apply, visit:

The Personalized Learning Toolkit provides school leaders with resources to implement personalized learning using Education Elements’  four-step methodology for change. It helps them plan, design, and launch a school- or district-level student-centered, personalized learning initiative. The toolkit includes:

  • Customizable meeting and workshop agendas, slides, resources, and an implementation plan to guide the personalized learning initiative
  • Materials for teacher and leadership team workshops to help staff understand what personalized learning is and how and why it helps students
  • A School Reflection Journal to understand readiness for this instructional shift, guide reflection, and monitor progress
  • A Resource Library with best practice examples from schools and districts around the country