eWriters Reduce Paper Consumption in Canadian Schools

Following a successful pilot program at St. Richard Elementary School in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Boogie Board eWriters are becoming increasingly recognized by schools in Canada, and across the globe, for their paper/cost savings and educational benefits.

“During the 2010-11 school year, Boogie Board eWriters were used daily in place of paper to complete a wide variety of activities, including handwriting practice, completing spelling tests, solving complex math equations and drafting rough copy for essays,” said St. Richard’s principal Jeff Fillion. “Substituting paper with Boogie Board eWriters for nearly every writing or drawing activity in our classrooms resulted in a whopping 40% reduction in paper consumption and photocopy costs and allowed the students to realize their goal of transforming St. Richard’s into a 21st Century Learning Community. As an added bonus, the kids find them fun to use, which increases their engagement in learning activities.”

For St. Richard’s, a 21st Century Learning Community emphasizes the importance of adapting to current socioeconomic trends, especially digital literacy and a decreasing dependence on paper.

St. Richard’s success with Boogie Board eWriters has attracted the attention of educators throughout Alberta and Canada, many of whom have visited the school to observe firsthand the use of Boogie Board eWriters in the classroom. Following the visits, Edmonton Catholic School District purchased Boogie Board eWriters in volume to expand their use in schools throughout the district and capture greater paper and cost savings. Other districts have also purchased Boogie Board eWriters for their own pilot programs.

The Boogie Board Rip eWriter includes the following features:

  • Internal memory for 200 typical images
  • High resolution, vector PDF format
  • 9.5” writing surface (measured diagonally)
  • Micro USB port
  • Thin, durable and lightweight construction
  • Integrated stylus holder (stylus included)
  • Erase lock button
  • Rechargeable batteries with one week between charges under typical use